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Greetings From The Founder –
A Tomboy Who Understands Tomboys

Hello everyone! This is Sharon, the advocate behind Being a tomboy myself, I have always taken pride in this identity. I feel like it plays a big part in defining who I am at the core. It is a quality that I truly value and have no hesitation in displaying to the outside world. It is also how I would like others to perceive me because:


Tomboys naturally radiate an air of coolness that no others could model after!


About Sharon

Well, at least that’s what me and all other fellow tomboys like you believe in, right? But yeah, trust me, many people out there do appreciate our tomboy qualities 🙂 And even if they don’t, why bother? Just stay true to yourself. Isn’t this part of what makes tomboys cool?


So this is where I come in: is created with the aim of embracing the beauty of different types of tomboys in mind. Some tomboys prefer looking more masculine, while others prefer adding some feminine touch to their appearances. Some tomboys are attracted to women, some are to men, some are to both. Regardless of your type, it is my hope that this site could provide you with some wonderful insight on fashions that suit your taste. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email at! 🙂





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