3 Ways to Wear Neutral Colors to Pull Off Any Outfit As a Tomboy

How To Wear Neutral Colors To Pull Off Any Outfit

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Open your wardrobe and I can tell with most certainty that you own some items that come in any of the following colors:

  • Black
  • White
  • Grays

Yes, just about everyone wears these colors from time to time. But have you ever wondered why that is so? Can you recall why you chose to purchase your items in these colors over the more vivid ones?

You may as well have chosen these colors very instinctively without even noticing it yourself. It should be of no surprise to you, however, to find quite a few pieces in these colors sitting inside your wardrobe. But again, why…?

It all comes down to this ONE reason: these colors match well with all other colors.

They are known to be the neutral colors. They are colors that won’t clash however you match them with any other colors. From the fashion world’s perspective though, the definition of neutral colors is broader and that also includes colors such as:

  • Navy
  • Olive
  • Cream
  • Beige
  • Burgundy
  • Camel
  • Khaki
  • Denim blues

What these colors have in common is that they all work effectively well with a great variety of colors. Can you recognize any more of these colors in your wardrobe?


Why You Will Want (And Need!) Neutral Colors

The benefits of wearing neutrals are many, and that’s why it’s highly recommended that you should form your wardrobe essentials using these colors.

Why the neutrals? Well, they are:

  • Timeless: they would never go out of date and they can create wonderful classic looks
  • Highly versatile: they blend well with whatever other colors in your outfit
  • Essential: they are the must-have colors in formal settings, such as when you’re at work. They can also be worn for a number of other occasions regardless of the dress codes
  • Engaging: they can engage your use of other ‘non-neutral’ colors for styling up. Given neutrals’ high versatility, you can add them on to create plenty of outfit combinations. This also means that you won’t have to bother as much with the color matching ideas
  • Balancing: they have the effect of toning down brighter colors, so you won’t ever feel like you have overdressed
  • Year-round: they can be worn in all seasons (though you’d probably prefer wearing lighter neutrals during the hots days and vice versa)


As you can see, all the above are contributing factors that make neutrals the perfect choice of colors for your wardrobe staples.

Now, how should you wear them to bring the best out of your tomboy style?


How to Wear Neutral Colors to Pull Off Any Outfit As A Tomboy

Tip #1: Remember Layering

Pull Off Neutral Colors By Layering














Long Suit Vest

If you’re only wearing neutral colors, it’s natural to seek layering as a way to boost visual interests. It also helps you achieve a certain look that you may have in mind in some situations. To completely pull off your looks though, it is equally important that you consider the patterns and textures used in your combination. Also, be sure to keep all your layers well-fitted. Otherwise, you may risk from looking kind of clumsy.


Tip #2: Go for the Details

Pull Off Neutral Colors By Going for the Details












Women’s Tuxedo Blazer

Another solution is to put more emphasis on the details. Let me use this analogy here: see how wearing a tuxedo makes a man more dressed up when compared to wearing a suit, even though a tuxedo is still technically a suit? Look at your neutral-colored apparels. Do they possess any details (look at their sleeves, buttons etc.) that can possibly enliven an otherwise monotonous outfit? If not, one other thing you may consider is to put on some accessories.


Tip #3: Include Bright Colors

Pull Off Neutral Colors By Including Bright Colors













Denim Jacket

This is straightforward enough. Combine your neutral colors with some other colors. But don’t overdo it! It is best to keep only one or two similar non-neutral colors in your outfit. This way, you can achieve a good balance out of the neutrals and non-neutrals, with the non-neutrals creating some accent to your overall look.

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