Best NATO Watch Straps to Go with Your Watches

Best NATO Watch Straps To Go With Your Watches


Looking for some of the best NATO watch straps to pair with your watch? What a great idea! These watch straps are not only cool-looking but are also very durable, making it an excellent accessory to wear around your wrist all year round and especially during the summer. Given their lightweight, breathable and washable properties, they are designed to maximize your comfort, and any sweats or stains can be cleaned away from them very easily too.

So yeah, this makes NATO watch straps something you would especially want to consider adding to your summer collection. Want more ideas on what other apparels and accessories to add to your summer wardrobe essentials list? Make sure to check out my other posts on the summer series as well!

And here goes everything you may want to know about NATO watch straps and where to buy them:


NATO Watch Straps Tidbits

It is not without a doubt that NATO straps are the most popular and best-selling watch straps today in terms of replacement watch straps. These straps are made with high quality, flexible and durable nylon blend that’s widely known for the amount of comfort it brings to its wearers.

These characteristics are what give NATO straps a high significance with its uncanny resistance to water, dirt and wear as well as high level performance without ever compromising the versatility or style of any watch. As it’s both fashionable and utilitarian, people cannot resist them. Today, they are most commonly found to be of either 18mm or 20mm width.


History of NATO Watch Straps

Due to the word NATO, many have come to believe the straps were standard to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. However, these nylon straps were actually a British invention. At that time, these straps were the standard issue watch strap for the British armed force’s service members and were only available in Admiralty Grey color at first. And since a G-10 form had to be filed every time a British soldier wanted one of these straps, they were also given the name of G-10 watch straps.

After the end of the Cold War, these straps came popping in military surplus shops with NATO surplus number attached to every strap, thus leading to the straps’ NATO designation. Soon enough, the whole public was hooked especially as the strap looked and felt right in the business, social and outdoor settings. Today, they are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, with many still featuring some of the most recognizable regimental colors, such as the red, white and blue stripes.


Where to Buy NATO Watch Straps

With an accessory as simple as a NATO watch strap, the colors and patterns on it are really what give each of them a unique personality. If you want one that looks subtle but smart, you may try getting one that comes in a plain, dark neutral color. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an eye-catching and attractive one, then a good choice for you is to choose one that comes in colorful stripes.

More often than not, however, people don’t just go for one piece of these watch straps – they tend to get quite a few more. Why? Because many do feel that having only one alone is not enough to showcase all of their favorite styles. What’s more, many people like to dress according to their mood. With several NATO watch straps that come in different colors and styles, you’ll be able to wear them as you like and present the many different aspects of your personality whenever you wish.

So here’s a selection of popular NATO watch straps that you may also be interested in:

Striped Watch Straps:

Red, White, Blue Multi-Striped NATO Watch Strap from StyleLover Red, White Striped NATO Watch Strap from Barton

Red, White, Blue 3-Striped NATO Watch Strap from StyleLover






Red, White, Blue Multi-Striped NATO Watch Strap from Barton Green, Blue Striped NATO Watch Strap from Barton



Plain Colored Watch Straps:

Plain Smokey Grey Colored NATO Watch Strap from Barton Plain Black Colored NATO Watch Strap from Barton Plain Army Green Colored NATO Watch Strap from Barton







How to Wear NATO Watch Straps

NATO watch straps are extremely popular and you are very likely to spot someone wearing it on the street. People are after them for a number of reasons: for the style, for the comfort, for the value etc. And while its military-rich feature is definitely an appeal to some, others who may not be aware of its origin are equally drawn to the style too. They are simplistic and beautiful at the same time, making them versatile enough to be worn for a number of occasions depending on the kind of look you intend to pull off. So next time when you want to put on a NATO watch strap, you may consider taking these styling ideas as reference:

• Casual – You can use your NATO watch straps to pair with your casual looks very easily. This is especially since the material nylon itself is often regarded as a more casual fabric. If it’s a summer outdoor look you are going with, you can pair a bright, colorful strap with your summer outfit to bring out an overall lively vibe. If you need further insights on how to best match your colors, check out my post on color matching tips too.

NATO Watch Strap For A Casual LookNATO Watch Strap For A Casual Look









• Smart – If you’re going for a look that doesn’t draw much attention to your accessories, for example when you’re in a formal environment like that of a workplace, a simple dark neutral or earth toned watch strap is the best to blend in the smart look.

NATO Watch Strap With Smart LookNATO Watch Strap With Smart Look









• Smart Casual – For smart casual styles, choosing a colorful NATO watch strap will add some bright aspect to an otherwise predominantly neutral outfit, hence creating a pop that is guaranteed to draw others’ attention. You may also want to read my post on how to wear neutral colors for more styling ideas too.

NATO Watch Strap With Smart Casual Look

NATO Watch Strap With Smart Casual Look







Final Thoughts

The world of watch is quite irresistible what with the wide variety of colors, materials, styles and prices of replacement watch straps. You will most likely be unable to escape the addiction of not leaving your watch’s original strap for long to replace it with the popular NATO watch straps.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading all about NATO watch straps and have found the ones that suit you well! Personally, my favorite remains to be the red, white, blue 3-striped style. What about you?

6 thoughts on “Best NATO Watch Straps to Go with Your Watches

  1. Karen Forsman Reply

    Hi Sharon, Great post and I love these NATO Watchstraps! What a cool idea, I really like that they are interchangeable and washable, which makes them much better for out-doors types of people like me. Do they fit most watch faces, or do you recommend a specific brand of watch that works well with them? Please point me in the right direction, Cheers, Kaz

    • Sharon Post authorReply

      Hi Karen,

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, you should be able to fit the NATO watch strap on most watches. The strap itself is typically thinner than other straps of similar kind (e.g. Zulu watch straps, which are often mistaken for NATO watch straps). Because of its thinness, it can pass through most of the spaces between the spring bars and the case of the watch easily. Since you like the NATO straps so much, I think you should definitely try fitting them on to different watches and see how you like it 🙂

      Personally though, I like them best when they’re paired with a watch face that’s as simple as possible. This makes your strap stands out but also without compromising elegance. Let me know if you want more info!

  2. Ricardo Piedade Reply

    Nice and beautiful Watch Straps,
    Good to use in important events to match our personality.
    I personaly enjoy and want to buy the casual ones.
    I’ll have a look to your color matches tips.

    • Sharon Post authorReply

      Hi Ricardo,

      I’m glad that you appreciate the style. Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ve learnt something new and useful out of the tips 🙂

  3. javiera Reply

    Great post! I think I will pass this post to my roommate because she wears those watches! Thank you 😀

    • Sharon Post authorReply

      Hi Javiera,

      You’re welcome and thank you! Please feel free to pass this post on to whoever may find it useful and interesting 🙂

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