So you’re a tomboy? First off, congratulations for being one of us! We are indeed a special bunch, and you must have felt that in some ways throughout your life too. You’ve probably noticed some traits of yours that are quite different from your girl friends since an early age. Yes, any one or more of these have always occurred to be true to you:


  • You like adventures and exploring the outdoors
  • You’re not afraid of insects and/or reptiles
  • You love sports, especially those that are traditionally played by men
  • You’re inclined to the more male-dominated subjects, such as maths, physics and computer science
  • You like playing video games or watching movies that are predominantly targeted towards boys during your spare time
  • You find more enjoyment in playing with boys’ toys than girls’ toys in general
  • You can relate better with your guy friends than with your girl friends some times
  • You’d rather wear jeans than skirts
  • You’re not a fan of clothing with laces and ruffles
  • You don’t have any issues with cutting your hair short
  • You constantly have your hair tied in a bun or a ponytail (that is if you have long hair)
  • You hardly wear any makeup


The list just goes on and I’m pretty sure I can never list out all the tomboy qualities in you. In fact, you may not even agree with some of the traits I pointed out above. Truth is, there are just so many different types of tomboys out there that it’s hard to generalize us. Nonetheless, all tomboys share this common ground: we exhibit some sort of attributes that are typically considered masculine and we like it that way! We don’t necessarily conform to gender roles. We represent of a good mix of masculinity and femininity, which makes us live in the best of both worlds. Regardless of individual differences though, it is still likely for you to identify yourself as any of the following types:


The Classic                                           The Hip-hopper

The ClassicThe Hip-hop










The Androgynous                                  The Rocker 

The AndrogynousThe Rocker










Think none of these styles describe you well enough? I would love to hear from you for more inspirations to include your style on my list. Let me know by writing and I’d be interested to learn more from you! 🙂