Summer Trilby Hats And Everything That’s Cool About Them

Summer Trilby Hats
Why You May Want a Summer Trilby Hat

It doesn’t really have to be summer season to have a cool summer-looking appeal. No matter what time of the year it is, if you want to achieve a stylish edge over others, why don’t you invest in summer trilby hats that will not only offer some protection to your head under the sun, but will also guarantee that unique, stylish look which you may want to portray all year round.

If you’re ready to buy a new summer hat, you can give summer trilby hats a go. If you aren’t familiar with this fashion already, here are some of the things you may want to know about it.


The History of Trilby Hats

Also known as a man’s narrow brimmed felt hat, the name of trilby hat was derived from a fictional character by the name of Trilby O’Ferrall. She was illustrated as the gorgeous model of an artist and the heroine of one of George Du Maurier’s most famous novels, “Trilby”. It was first issued in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, in the form of a serialized fiction, in 1894.

On becoming a really popular novel internationally (reportedly, two-hundred thousand copies were sold around that time…and we’re only talking about the United States alone), it has been adapted for the stage where the trilby hat was introduced in the stage play in London in 1895 as worn by the lead actress.

Based on Lock & Co Hatters, the world’s oldest hat shop where the bowler hat originated from, the popularity of trilby as a man’s hat actually grew during the early part of the twentieth century all the way till it reached its peak in the 60’s. From the 80’s onwards, the trilby has become one of the signature items in retro-fashion that both men and women go after. Trilby hats that are made of lightweight materials have since become an available option for men and women who appreciate the style to wear especially during the warmer months.


How to Wear Trilby Hats

The trilby hat is generally considered a more playful variation of the fedora hat, due to both the way it is structured and the way it is worn. It is therefore a wonderful hat option for artists, musicians etc. When choosing to wear the trilby hat, you can definitely try on the looks of celebrities who have been seen wearing this hat, such as:

Justin Timberlake in Trilby HatZac Efron in Trilby HatOlly Murs in Trilby Hat









From left to right: Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron, Olly Murs 


That said, there really is no fixed rule as to how you would look best in the trilby. While some may think it is more readily an accessory that goes with casual looks, you can also try dressing it up by pairing it with smarter outfits. As long as you’re able to pull it off, then why not? Just carry your style with confidence! So here are some smart outfit ideas for you to try matching with your trilby:

The Blues Brothers in Trilby HatsJustin Timberlake in Trilby HatOlly Murs in Trilby Hat







From left to right: The Blues Brothers, Justin Timberlake, Olly Murs 



Where to Buy Trilby Hats

So you’ve decided to get yourself a trilby hat? Cool. Indeed, if you’ve seen some good examples of how the trilby hat could be worn such as the ones introduced above, it is not hard to be drawn to its particular appeal.

Especially during the hotter months, you would definitely want a summer trilby that has all these features combined in one:

  • Offers some degree of UV protection
  • Materials are breathable for extra comfort
  • Able to absorb sweat rather well

Right, so here they are! These may just be the trilby hats you’ve been looking for. Offered at a modest price and available in a wide variety of colors, these ones are just a few of the selections that you could consider getting:

Black Trilby Hat Light Brown Trilby Hat with Colored Band


Brown Checkered Trilby HatWhite Trilby Hat



Trilby vs Fedora Hat – What’s Their Difference?

Confused because of how similar they look? In a broad sense, the trilby hat is still a type of fedora hat. Why the difference in their names? Technically, if you wanted to ensure that you’re getting yourself the right hat, here’s how they are distinguished from one another: the trilby hat is the one with a narrower brim and a taller crown. That is also to say, the fedora comes in a shallower indented crown and a comparatively wider brim.

When it comes to the way they are worn, fedora is often worn covering the eyes whereas the trilby is worn, in general, on the back of the head so that it is off your face for a playful, contemporary twist. In terms of materials used, fedora hats are often made from cotton and felt, while trilby hats are usually made out of rabbit felt, straw or tweed.

So be sure to keep these things in mind when shopping for a trilby hat or a fedora hat to get the right one you want.

Trilby Hat vs Fedora Hat




Trilby vs Fedora Hat – Which One Looks Better On You?

While the fedora is generally regarded as a more stylish hat, this should not be the reason for you to disregard the trilby altogether. You may have heard of people commenting on how the fedora is more superior in quality and how wearing a trilby would make one look silly. But does their point of view necessarily represent yours too? I would say it’s much better for you to draw your own conclusions.

For an item to be considered stylish, not only should you regard how it’s commonly perceived, but you should also consider this one big factor: whether it looks good on you!

And do you know why a lot of people (usually men by the way) think they don’t look great in the trilby? Well, here’s the thing to be mindful of when choosing a hat: you should take into account whether the brim looks proportionate to your shoulder width. So, for men with broad shoulders, they would most probably look better in fedoras.

But for us ladies? Most would presumably look better in trilby hats, given our narrower shoulder widths. But again, you should never rely too much on generalizations. Try them out, see how you feel about them and which ones you receive more compliments from others, and you will have your own answers.



Final Thoughts on Trilby Hats

The trilby hat has a special kind of appeal of its own that simply attracts some to become a fan of it, and this is regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity etc. Trilby hats today can either be worn to pull off a retro-fashion style, or can simply be an added accessory to accentuate a fresh, playful look that you want. It is also a good option to go for when choosing a hat to wear in the warmer months, unless it doesn’t look that great on you in which case you could give fedoras of wider brims a try.

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