The WardrobeHey there fella tomboys! Here’s a question for you…there goes the saying that tomboys don’t really bother much with their looks. Do you agree? I personally don’t! And the fact that you’re reading this page probably means that you and I share the same view!


Sure, we don’t wear heavy make-ups and we don’t dress ourselves up too fancifully. “Glamorous” is never a word others would use to describe us, nor would we associate ourselves with. Do we want to appear glamorous? Hell no! We just have the tendency to pick a pair of jeans over a skirt, for example. Deep down, we resist to the very idea of being totally feminine (most of the time, if not always).


Now, look inside your wardrobe and what do you see? How would you describe your fashion style? In one way or another, your clothes do say something about you. Depending on what you usually wear, you may fall under any of the categories of tomboys as discussed in “So You’re a Tomboy”.


To us tomboys, we target at fashions that make us feel “comfy” and “cool” at all times. We like being just who we are and so we don’t always stick to the norms of the society. We are also unapologetic to any criticisms others may have on us with regard to how we dress or behave. We just feel good being ourselves! I’m sure you can relate to this very well.


With this site, you will most definitely be able to find fashions that match your taste. I very much hope that you can be proud of who you truly are. Reflect the tomboy in you through what you wear, and prove to others that we do know what looks good on us!